Sunday, September 28, 2008

Winter? Yep, it REALLY is already

We now interrupt this irregularly scheduled appearance of vacation photos to bring you....

a photo of our balcony this morning.
Just in case you didn't really believe me when I said that our fall is done and we've begun winter, I've now given you proof in all its glorious fluffy cold whiteness in a 2 dimensional electronic voyeuristic sort of way. So, um, there!

In other breaking news in Northern Town, ManNorth and I were astonished to have been awarded the Green Thumb award, meaning that of those who voted over at our community greenhouse, most of them thought our garden was the best. Now, I've no idea how "best" is defined for although we had a pretty garden, that was quite bushy and green with willow bird and sweet pea accents, we didn't think it was terribly prolific. However, we are pleased as punch to have the Thumb, replete with its dirty nail and all, to display in our garden next year as next year's garden is going to be even better!
Apparently our tomato harvest was more than most people were able to grow this year. We're just pleased to have fresh tomatoes that don't cost $1 each or more!
Now that the mercury has dropped below zero, the temperature inside the greenhouse has likewise fallen and most plants have frozen, died or are in the process of doing so. We spent a few hours yesterday helping to clean up before winter lock-up and to bring home a few of our potted plants that were in need of some attention and/or eating.

Some of those potted plants look admittedly scrawny and it was due in part, to my forgetting to water them and then to massively over water them. The huge bouquet is made up of the last of our parsely and the final few blooms from our sweet peas. I'll make some tabouli with the parsley and just enjoy the scent of the sweet pea flowers, more so now that we've moved into winter.


kathyo said...

Love the green thumb award!

DON'T stop blogging.

Even if you only do it once every season, it is worth it, and keeps us in touch.

And your photos are amazing.

Anonymous said...

Your blog is fascinating.

Many, many years ago I lived up in Inuvik and of your pictures make me think you might be living there.

Especially when I see tomatoes that were grown in a greenhouse (I know Inuvik has a large community greenhouse).

Please keep posting.